Are You Still Hand-Watering Your Lawn in the La Grange, NC Area?

If so, it's time to schedule irrigation system installation services

Watering your lawn constantly can suck the fun out of owning a landscaped yard. Fulcher's Lawn & Garden Service can provide irrigation system installation services so you can enjoy all the benefits with none of the work. Your lawn could soon be as uniformly green as the golf courses in the La Grange, NC area.

When you own an irrigation system, you can quit...

  • Dragging your hose across the yard
  • Over- or underwatering your grass and flower beds
  • Relying on other people to water your lawn while you're on vacation

As part of our irrigation system installation services, we'll install a water meter and timer made by Hunter Industries. Call us today at (252) 560-1864 to learn more.

irrigation system services

Better service, more smiles

We provide residential, commercial and industrial irrigation system services to property owners just like you in La Grange, NC and surrounding counties. Our satisfied clients appreciate our commitment to customer service, and we know you will, too.

Schedule irrigation system services today.