Your Yard Could Be the Envy of Your Neighbors in the La Grange, NC Area

Start by scheduling regular lawn mowing services

Landscaping shouldn't be a one-time service. To keep your greenery looking beautiful, you should at least schedule regular lawn mowing services. Fulcher's Lawn & Garden Service goes above and beyond to beautify yards in La Grange, NC and surrounding counties.

In addition to lawn mowing services, we can provide...

  • Lawn edging services to give your yard a competitive edge
  • Leaf blowing services to reveal your fairway-green lawn
  • Snow removal services to keep your pathways clear
  • Shrub pruning services to rein in unwanted growth
  • Spring or fall cleanup services to remove debris

We offer free estimates for these services - request a quote today.

landscaping services

All shrubs could use professional pruning

Our shrub pruning services are ideal for properties in the La Grange, NC area where curb appeal is paramount, like apartment complexes, office buildings or to-be-sold homes. Contact us today at (252) 560-1864 to get your overgrown shrubs trimmed.