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Plan a stone wall masonry or brick retaining wall construction project in La Grange, NC today!

Have you always wanted a stylish stone wall in your backyard? Fulcher's Lawn & Garden Service has a stone wall masonry professional who is prepared to take on your job. Our stone and brick retaining wall construction experts know how to install and repair stone walls of various sizes.

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Why should you install a stone wall?

Stone wall masonry is a complex job that requires a practiced eye, and the benefits of this kind of installation cannot be overstated. A new wall could help you:

  • Keep soil in place and prevent erosion
  • Create a stylized look for your property
  • Separate your outdoor space into different areas

Maintaining separation between a play space for your kids and your outdoor kitchen can help you make your backyard safer for all. If you're interested in our brick retaining wall construction services, reach out to us now.